First track primed Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo

Today I have primed one of the tracks I have worked on the past few days.
Still need a lot of work to do with them, but I’m pretty happy with the result of the priming so far.
Remember, I have used Revell Basic Color primer from a spray can.
And I still have a lot to learn about spray painting and airbrushing.
Including using multiple layers.
And not finishing everything in one go.
Still have to assemble the other track, but I have chosen to do one track at a time from start to finish.
Here’s the result so far:

2 overall photo’s above, 2 close-up under.

Looks good.
You’ll find that priming with a can is a really straightforward job, just keep enough distance and NEVER linger, always make quick passes until the color is uniform.

Not bad overall. It appears a bit grainy in spots though. How far away we’re you spraying? It appears that the primer may be drying before it hits the tracks

Looks just fine to me!

However I painted my Famo tracks before assembly - used gun metal paint for the steel parts and flat black for the rubber pads just to give some small bit of contrast to the assembly. Then washes and pastel weathering.

Thank you for the compliment.

@Nightgaunt I have more or less learned how to use spray cans by watching Wheeler Dealers on Discovery+. And maybe also due to some information from here.

@Mead93 I was using the spray can about 20 cm away from the track. And I did make quick passes, starting in front of the track. And then going over the track while I pressed the button while still moving the can around. It was about 10 degrees celsius outside when I was doing this. Maybe that has something to do with the result as well? Nevertheless, I have put the scale modeling on hold now. Since the temperatures and the weather outside aren’t that well suited to spray painting in the barn of us. I did a little research by searching on the internet. And concluded for myself that it was better to wait until spring. When the weather and temperatures are hopefully better to do spray painting. We can’t heat the barn, because it is to expensive and the heat would not stay in the room I’m working in. So that’s not an option. And working on my room isn’t allowed as well.

@165thspc Thank you. Everyone has his/her preferred working styles and techniques and such. And I respect that of everyone here. In the end, it is my own choice which ones I’m going to use and which ones not.

Of course! ~ Just offering/suggesting an alternative.

Hmm, not sure about the distance as I don’t use rattle cans but 10 degrees sounds a bit cold, possible the paint is drying before hitting the model

That is why I have stopped with my scale modeling projects.
I have scheduled to start again in the Spring, when temperatures are hopefully better.
Summer is good to in terms of temperatures, but I only have such a small time window.
Because, I’m only able to work in the early morning there.
Since I really hate temperatures from 25 degrees up.
However, there is enough to do in the meantime.
Like reading and studying for the hobby and so on.