First two models completed in about 12 years, IS3-M and T-72B

Hi, havent completed any models in a long time as life gets in the way as it usually does but i think they look ok, i’m not sure i will weather them as i have never been good at it and i like how they look as is. Sorry for the somewhat grainy images as i had to take them on my friends old smartphone as i dont have a camera or smartphone myself, hope you like them.


The more Cold War stuff the merrier Patrick! They look just fine to me; weathering is always subjective as discussed frequently on here. Don’t worry about the timescale - to my eternal shame my Leopard took nearly 20 years to complete.

Anyway, welcome and keep 'em coming.

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@T-72fan Hi Patrick Welcome to the forum! Very nice to see more Cold War armor! I like both models. Nicely done.

Definitely life happens completed one model in the last twelve years :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, from what i remember the last model i completed in what must be 2009 or 10 would of been the Zvezda/dragon T-80UD, shame i can’t remember what i did with it think i may of given it to a friend as a gift.

I think the next on the list will be a BRDM-2 or Shilka.

Well done for getting them finished and they look just fine… I’m sure parading around Red Square they wouldn’t of been dirty or weathered… And of course welcome … Hope to see more soon.

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Welcome aboard. Lots of good stuff here. Good people, friendly and happy to share their knowledge. Don’t worry about the weathering. Build as you like, but if you want to learn/improve this is the place to go for help/advise. Hope to see more of your work soon.

Welcome to the forum!