First wooden ship I've done!

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VERY NICE work!!! Clean precise lines and workmanship!

Sublime! A really elegant ship with a beautiful profile and all that rigging was certainly worth the effort! Can you tell us a little more about it- was it a kit, what scale it is and how long it took you?

Welcome to the forums @Vstobinskii … that is a beautiful build you’ve shown us. Amazing detail and it looks cleanly done. Real craftsmanship :+1:

Absolutely beautiful. My compliments on a job well done!

Great looking schooner. A lot of work went into that. Never managed to do one myself. Very well done.


Now that’s old school modeling. :+1: :+1:

Wow! This is some magnificent modeling. Thanks for sharing. Jack

OK wooden ship recruit, you receive a go at this station. Your next station is the three masted plank on frame ship.

This ship will look magnificent anywhere you display it.

Excellent work – is this an Atesania Latina production? The next challenge is how to keep the dust & nano-spiders away :spider_web: :tumbler_glass:

Beautiful work and welcome to our community…Cheers mark

That is awe inspiring work for your first build. A feast for the eyes.

It’s a 1/72 Schooner Polotsk from master korabel and it took about a year but I was very busy with work and school at the time of the build. The sails were also aftermarket but from the parent company.

This has been my first kit and it spoiled me honestly because of the amazing instructions and quality.

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It’s a Master Korabel kit for Schooner Polotsk. And yes dust has been such an issue especially because of where I live. I have some room in my glass case But it doesn’t quite fit, unfortunately.

But nothing that a bit of compressed air can’t fix.

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Oh God,

I like the challenge though!

Speaking as a tall ship sailor who knows her way around a ship, that is simply amazing.


Thank you!