Fitting Remote Controlled LED Strip Lighting to DETOLFs

Hi all. I just recently fitted a display cabinet into my room to house my scale models. It was a fun DIY project and I learnt a bit about how to install LED Strip Lighting and I wanted to share.

The finished product: DETOLF Fitted with LED Strip Lighting and Wireless Remote Switch. - YouTube

#01 - I bought my SOHL display cabinet at Aldi (Australia) but all the trendsters on the internet rave about the IKEA Detolfs:

#02 - The first thing you need is LED Strip Lighting. I bought a roll of 3528 DC 12V LED strip on eBay along with a 12V power adapter, a aluminum channel profile bar (to house the LEDs for aesthetic purposes) and some 3M double sided acrylic foam tape (to provide adhesion to the aluminum bars).


#03 - Testing the LED Strip Lighting:

#04 - Cutting the aluminum bar to 3x size using a hacksaw.

#05 - Soldering LED wire to the cut down LED stripes.

#06 - Adding these Snap Plugs connectors so that I can disconnect the circuit when I need to remove the shelves for cleaning:

#07 - Fixing a Wireless Controller so I can control the LED Strip Lighting with a Remote.

#08 - The final product:


This is just what I needed. I have three Detolfs currently and looking to get two more if they can get them back in stock in my area. Becoming a rare commodity lately.


Detolfs/Display Cabinets are awesome. If I had more room I would definitely get more units. Good luck hunting more down. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d like to get 4 Detolf’s but Ikea lists them out of stock at every store within 200+ miles of me.

They seem in hot demand in the US. In Australia not as hard to get one. My local IKEA is 10km away and they have plenty in stock according to their website. I think they are just getting popular here and will become harder to get them in time.

Well I found Ikea Detlof cabinets ($59.95) on Amazon for $222.95!!! They’re even listed as Ikea cabinets!

That’s funnier than the little snack packs of pears grown in Argentina, packed in Thailand, and then sold in the U.S.

Neither make economic sense, but the Amazon one seems less so. Do they order them from Ikea one at a time and pay individual shipping for each? Are they making like $10 on each they sell? You know, if the WEF succeeds in their reset, that might be the future bargain price for those cabinets.

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