Flagging a post to get a moderators attention

Posts can be flagged to get a moderators attention. The content could break the rules/guidelines or it could be pure undiluted spam.
This is done by clicking on the flag icon. The flag icon and some other commands are shown by clicking on the three little dots next to the ‘Reply’-action.

In my post I have clicked the three little dots, Jim’s post shows the original state.

The image was captured using the screen capture tool in Windows 10, drawing on the image followed by ctrl-v to paste it in this post.

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i’ve just posted a similar picture on the old site about 30 seconds ago lol

I saw it, and I commented on it as well :wink:
The two flags behave differently, one flags the post and the other flags the whole thread

@Uncle-Heavy I was going to type that out but after a 15 hour night shift, I decided not to lol

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Go and get some sleep :sleeping:

@Uncle-Heavy only if you go and listen to your countrymen, that well known band from Sweden Sabaton


Which album/song do you want me to listen to?
The Metal Ripper, Metal Crüe and Metal Machine are favourites even if it is really hard to pick a favourite from all the good songs they have produced.
My eldest daughter got the assignment to bring a favourite song to school (all kids in the class got one Friday each to bring music) in first or second grade. She brought Metal Machine, tough choice between Metal Machine and Panzerkampf. One of the other kids liked it, the rest, including the teacher, just sat there doing their impersonations of bird houses.
That was hilarious. Her siblings did the same :rofl:

Carolus Rex and Blood of Bannockburn are some of my favourites, as i live near Bannockburn Battlefield.