Flak 18 - North Africa - color?

Hi folks - I am starting a new project with the AFV Club Flak 18. Does anyone know what the appropriate paint colors would be for the 88 in North Africa? I was thinking RAL 8000 over German gray. Would there have been Flak 18s in the disruptive 8000/7008?


Another option :


I really like the brown over sand… :thinking:

Another sand painted one :



some photos from google
2 flak 18s, the last one the big arty piece whose name I forget but shows dark base with loadsadust


@stewart Stewart, outstanding pictures! Thank you for sharing.

@Skinny_Mike Mike,
I think a rough guideline to color choice may also depend some what on time period in question. Something along the lines of this:

Initial March 1941, DAK deployment probably dark grey & dust.

Later, probably the typical two-thirds yellow-brown (gelbbraun RAL 8000) and one-third gray-green (graugrĂĽn RAL 7008) for before March 1942.

After March 1942, Inspectorate 2 ordered that gelbbraun and graugrĂĽn were to be replaced by brown (braun RAL 8020) and gray (grau RAL 7027) once existing paint stocks were depleted, using the same pattern.

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Those are great pictures Stewart! thank you - that really helps alot.

The time period is kind of the question. I’m trying to be generic, which obviously doesn’t help that much!

I guess it could be a 17 cm Kanone 18 in Mörserlafette ( 17 cm K 18 in MrsLaf)


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