Flames of War WWII British

Three months ago I started down the rabbit hole of Team Yankee see my other topic Team Yankee - #4 by Littorio
Then I discovered Flames of War which is the same scale 15mm / 1:100 but covers WWII, so I have started to build the British 11th Armoured Division, with 4th Coldstream Guards, 79th Armoured and elements of British Paras.

My progress so far. Note they are the same colour but the lighting effect makes the Comets and Crusader AA tanks look very green.

And some ‘Objective’ markers built using a couple of old tanks found in the hobby shop bits box (yes I know a Firefly shouldn’t have a bow gun but someone else built it)

Next step is to get some markings on them and build the rest of the Universal carriers, Paras and 6lb and 17lb AT guns


I’m glad that there’s someone else working on these sets. I get the impression that wargaming minis tend to be a taboo subject among modelers. I bought Flames of War so my son and I can do some tabletop gaming as well as sharing in a hobby. So far I only have infantry painted. I’ll post photos of mine when I am able.

Travis please do share your infantry pics. Must admit I’m not looking forward to doing the paras camo smocks in this scale.

We have this little quiet corner for those of us that like to have a go at wargaming what ever the subject and at the end of the day a lot are still models that need to be built and painted, I mean the Crusader AA is 14 parts alright not a lot when compared to a 1/35 kit but still a few in 1/100 scale and these are great little kits with most having build options in the box.

The hobby shop/centre I attend is lucky as Battlefront UK have donated two Flames of War/Team Yankee boards on an almost permanent basis. One is the desert airfield seen in some of the above photos while the other is a snow covered Bulge or Eastern front table with forest, frozen river and blasted village. Once I have my British army finished I’ll be painting up some of the centres German and Soviet armies for use at demo shows.