Flash suppressor of 3.7cm Flak 37 dimensions in 1/35?

Hi all,
Could you please help me gather some data on the flash suppressor of 3.7cm Flak 37 in 1/35?

I normally refuse to do WWII German kits but this stupid kit from Dragon was at a really low price on evil Bay during the Thanksgiving holidays so I pulled the trigger:

Lo and behold, it was missing the flash suppressor of the flak… :frowning:

As if someone made a small hole just to take out the flash suppressor…

Looking at it, it looks easy to replicate it in 3D printing but I need to confirm the measurements.

Can someone tell me if I have these measurements right (purely based on the aftermarket part photos)?

Also, it’s hard to tell if there are 6, 7, or 8 rows of eight holes in the front half (conical)?
However, it looks certain that there are 4 round rectangular holes on the 2nd half.

Based on this photo of the RB offering, it looks like there are 8 rows of 8 holes but can’t confirm…

Flak 37 photo 03

Can someone help? Thank you!

I’m seeing 8 rows and six slots based on the orientation in the pictures.

Ah, now that you mention it, the round rectangular slots look 6… Thanks.

I have 1/35th scale drawings, but I don’t know that I trust anyone other than Hilary Doyle and these aren’t his drawings. :grimacing:
Just curious, are you planning on machining a replacement? Seems like simply buying an AM barrel with suppressor would be easier.

Hi Paska,
Haha! Hilarious.
Ah, you must not know me as one of the avid 3D printing enthusiasts on Armorama…
I certainly do not have the resources or skills to metal machine a replacement. As I said above, I’m simply going to CAD it and resin 3D print it.

Here are some prints of 2 cm Flak 38 suppressors I made for my personal use:

I kinda started on CADding the Flak 37 flash suppressor:

My latest thread and one more.

Btw, I’ll take your non-Mr. Doyle measurements if you are willing. :wink:

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I have the very kit in the stash, I am away for a few days but can measure the flash suppressor when I get home

Btw, I love this half track, and the kit looks awesome

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Cool. I’ll wait for your info. Hopefully, others will chime in to compare and confirm…

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Sorry, I must have missed your previous works. Well, this clears things up. Unfortunately, the drawing I have are merely 1/35th scale drawings, they are not dimensioned, and they just don’t look right to me. Perhaps Mead93 or someone else can be of more help.

HomeBrewParts has a 3D design for free for the Flak43, being 3.7cm as well and quite similar in my opinion:

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Here’s the 1:1 Flak 43 one (late type)



You’re freaking awesome, Henri-Pierre!!!
I knew you were going to pull through!
Thank you, thank you!

You’re welcome James :wink:

Maybe you’ll like these as well…Don’t know if they show a Flak 43 (early type) or a Flak 37 muzzle brake :roll_eyes:


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Wow. Even better! Thank you again!

It’s done. Ready for 3D printing. Had to ignore too many haters on FB Tank Modeling group. :stuck_out_tongue: Took about an hour to make it once I had the measurements and good reference photos.

Reference photos used:

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