Flat Brushes

So for 50 tears I’ve used Winsor and Newton 7 Series Round (pointed) brushes. No problem there.
But I always have problems with “Flat” brushes - from any manufacturer. The bristles splay and separate and sometimes develop a “hook”.
I’ve tried every brush cleaner and soap to no avail.
So what brand do you use? Any tips on making the flats work better and last longer??
John S.

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I feel your pain mate!.. :sob:

i buy W&N series 7 and Rosemary&co brushes and use Master brush cleaner and restorer,very happy with both brushes and cleaner,but i have the same problem with flat brushes,they tend to separate in half or to open up,i look after my stuff but the flats last definitely less then other shapes,try with the Filiberts, those last me longer for some mysterious reasons… :thinking:

I have the same issue with all my brushes whether they’re synthetic or natural, I just assumed it’s because I use enamels, I’m begining to think I might be pulling too firmly when I’m cleaning/wringing my brushes causeing the bristles to curl as they dry.

Cajun :crocodile:

Actually acrylics are more aggressive on brushes than enamel or oils, very important is not deep the brush more than half, and be gentle when cleaning, with the round ones I have no problems they last a lot but the flats are a different beast