Flower Class Corvette HMCS Dauphin K-157

Finally finished. After more than 50 yrs. away form modeling, started again with two builds both armour ( MK II Universal carrier, SPG 17 pd. Archer). Then started my third build a flower class corvette, but shortly in to the build a water pipe break stop all progress. Now after a total replumb, new walls, ceilings and floors the work bench has reopened( almost 2 yrs. later) to finally finish HMCS Dauphin.
This is my first ever ship build. This is the 1:144 scale Revelle Snowberry converted to HMCS Dauphin 1943 after refit. The build includes Eduard photo etch, Micro Master guns, scratch built items, and most importantly custom decals from Autoloader. I used a lot of techniques found on various forums to help create the best possible result. The ship was painted and weathered all by brush using all Vallejo products.
The ship logo was designed by the ships crew a mountie riding a german sub with pistol drawn. This was created because the two senior officers were bout mounties before enlisting.
The reason to build HMCS Dauphin was because it was my father in laws ship that served on during WW 2. doing convoy escort duty on the North Atlantic.


Great build! Looks like she’s had a few days at sea.

Great looking corvette. Very wel done. The weathering is spot on.


Very impressive! Even more so since it was all brush painted

Excellent build, really captures the feel of an overworked small escort ship. The weathering is impresive.

Cheers, Si

That looks amazing. I have couple off 1/72 kits in my collection. Hoping to grab some AM items to dress these babies up. Your end result is beautiful perhaps it’s time for her big sister to sit on the bench :grin:

Please tell your father in law thank you sir for your service.

Cracking build … love the finish and weathering … Detailing is great as well.

Beautiful build Junobeach.

Chris, in Victoria, BC

Outstanding in detail and paint. :+1:

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Thanks for the comments. I wanted it to have a weathered look but not totally beaten up the sea.

Thanks for looking Jim. Always trying to get that weathered but not not totally beaten up look.

Thanks for the positive reply. Yes still using a brush. Not sure I have the quality of builds as you guys on the forum to warrant a purchase of an air brush. Maybe I will get there. But until then I will stick with the brush. Plus I also would need to find a space to paint.

Thanks for looking, always hard to get the weathered look. Especially when photos of the ships are mostly in black an white.

Thanks for looking , the encouraging comments on the build. Unfortunately my father in law past away quite a while ago so would have never seen my build. He enlisted in the Canadian navy in 1937 an served right to the end. He actually was part of the DDay flotilla. The photo with the ensign is from his ship.
I hope he would of approved the build.

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Thanks for looking, as it was my first ever ship, I learned a lot on the photo etch part. Lots of small hinges and hatches.

Thanks Chris, my goal when I retired was to build the vehicles that my relatives used in the Second World War.
So far a Mkll universal carrier, 17 pd. SPG Archer and the Corvette. I have a couple of Sherman’s to go, a Lancaster and a couple of fighters( spitfire, hurricane)

Thank you for looking in on the build. A lot of tedious work at this scale. Definitely like the general amour scale 1:35 a lot easier to work on.