Flugausstellung Junior, Hermeskeil, Germany

Founded in 1973, this private(!) collection contains a massive amount of aircraft of both western and eastern origins. Both military and civilian. The number of exhibits amounts of more than 100 airplanes (both originals and replicas) and 60 engines. My visit there was in 2002, so the collection must have changed over the pas 20 years.


Looks like another well kept and laid out museum… :+1:

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I actually forgot I had these pictures… Sometimes it pays off to browse to your pictures every now and then…

wow, I had never heard of this museum, amazing.

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I’ve been there too. I was very impressed with the amount and variety of planes and the sheer size of some of the Russian helicopters. Will definitely visit again :slight_smile:

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Have you been there recently? If so, do you know if there have been many changes?

Aerial picture of the museum from Wikipedia.

But I don´t think that the Saturn V is 1/1 scale.:wink:

I think you are right about that… :grin: