Flyhawk 1/72 Axis vehicle tools?

Hi. I bought the Flyhawk resin and etch 1/72 Axis tools and fasteners but there are a couple pieces I don’t recognise. Can anyone tell me what parts K(8), some kind of box, M(4), a long pointy thing, and R(mb2), brass rod are please? I can work out the others, but not these.


Did the set come with any kind of instructions? It’s hard to tell looking at just the flat brass. Part 8 looks like the holder for the axe head. 4 might be a pry bar.

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Yep Ken called it right. Part 8 holds the axe blade and part 4 is a true crow bar.

Thanks guys. Instructions don’t name anything, though most are obvious. And the wire? Cut to three 19mm lengths. Barrel cleaning rods?

Must be. Can’t be anything else.