Flyhawk Achilles

A new Achilles to pair with their Ajax:

Now all we need is an Exeter, and a Graf Spee from Flyhawk.
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Too bad it’s not in 1/350. I already have built the Graf Spee in 1/350.

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I already ordered one

Happy for it being 1/700 now to find one for preorder and then wait for the HMAS Sydney which was also announced.

Several Chinese vendors on ebay already have it for sale, and at excellent prices. Usually takes 4 ~ 6 weeks (sometimes less) at economy shipping.
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Would the same AM wood deck for the Ajax also fit Achilles? Or should I just wait for the inevitable release of an Achilles deck?
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Do what I did, go to E site and type in HMS Achilles or Flyhawk 1/700 and one will come up as it did for me

I think you mis-understood. I have Flyhawk Ajax and the AM deck for it. I am going to order the Achilles, but if I order the same deck as for Ajax at the same time, will it also fit Achilles; or wait until a specific deck for Achilles becomes available?
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I did not mean to answer you Biggles, my suggestion was for Littorio who was looking for a source for the Achilles.

My mistake! Sorreeee! :cry:
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Hi, I had involvement with the paint guides for both kits - there are quite a number of differences between the two and the wooden decks have different details as well as differences between the secondary armament amidships.

I got my Achilles today and the fore deck part C-1 and the main deck part D-1 are the same but the fore deck extension K-1 for Ajax and J-1 for Achilles are different. The wood deck under the guns are in different locations and are different sizes

Yeah…I’ll just wait until the deck becomes available and order both at the same time.
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