Flyhawk battle for the atlantic set (1/700 -question about the base

This is a very nice kit -I love the whole idea. However, I have big question about the base. You get a dark underbase, and a transparent “overbase”, with some pegs separating the two. Somehow the transparent part should act as a waterline, where you can put the sub and the destroyer, however, I have no idea how. There is no holes cut for them. If I put the bottom under the transparent plexy, the rest of the ships on the top, you would see in between. I do not dare to try to cut the plexyglass… has anyone built this set? How are you supposed to do it? ( -you can see the instructions under this link) Thank you

Can you post photos of what’s included and the instructions?

Check out the link. It has both the instructions and the parts.

They’re low resolution images and the instructions on the page aren’t showing how the base goes together.
Which is why I’m thinking posting photos of your kit would be a good idea. If we can all see what you get in the kit, we might be able to offer advice. A shot of a dry assembly would be great.

I’ve yet to actually see this kit outside of Chinese eBay vendors listings myself.

Here’s the instructions on Scalemates

From reading the instructions the base is used with the ship and sub as waterline only.

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Ah, now I see.

It looks like those holes in the corners should be cut already. It doesn’t anything about drilling.

The holes are already there for the pegs. I will shoot a few photos of the dry assembly. Hopefully over the weekend. Job search, work and family seriously interferes with my hobby time… (Apologies I was not aware of the issues with resolution.)