Flyhawk Dresden available

Dresden, sister ship to Emden, is available from Flyhawk:

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So far only available from Sunlight Model Store:

In a few days it will probably be available elsewhere, but Sunlight has great prices.
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It’s been ordered Biggles. thanks

Would it rock our world if they did Scharnhorst and Gneisenau in 1/700?

1/350 please??

@phil2015 They already have;

Released 4 years ago, I have a 1940 Gneisenau and a 1943 Scharnhorst in my stash.
They also do a 1940 Scharnhorst

I had in mind these to go with the SMS Dresden

HA - Ha…You beat me to it! They’ve been available for a few years, now, and they, like Flyhawk’s Bismarck, are beautiful models. Tamiya’s Scharnhorst doesn’t come anywhere near Flyhawk, and you quickly see how many mistakes Tamiya made. :scream: :rage:
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Hmmm…Slightly different Scharnhorst class; different era. :thinking: But Flyhawk does make 1/700 Lutzow, and Derflinger (as does Takom), both WWl era, and ICM make decent models of Koenig, and Kronprinz - not quite the finesse of Flyhawk, but still very nice models.
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Dragon did a 1/350 Scharnhorst (1943) several years ago!
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I was referring to the original topic Dresden or even an Emden