Flyhawk King Tiger

Flyhawk’s Tiger ll is finally released. I know…you’re going to say, “Ho-hum, another King Tiger!”, but this will be the ultimate one in 1/72. I’ve got around a half-dozen Dragon Tiger ll’s, but I’ll still get the Flyhawk one! For sale here: Flyhawk 1/72 WWII German KING TIGER(Henschel Turret) Pz.Kpfw.VI FH 3019 | eBay but Globaltoy usually has high prices so I’ll just wait a bit for better prices. This release has PE and a turned barrel, yet is labeled “Conventional Version”…wonder what the “Unconventional Version” will contain.
Sudden thought: Maybe the production version “Henschel Turret” is “Conventional”. “Porsche Turret” will be another release. Unfortunately, from pre-production shots the “Porsche Turret” kit has NO zimmerit!

Unconventional is most likely the “Porsche” turret version.

FWIW, it appears HobbyEasy has this model available for CDN$22.16 and it was just released yesterday. :wink:

Link to item!

–Jan :beer: :beer:

I agree it’s a good price, but what does Hobby Easy charge for shipping? I’ve noticed that shops may vary prices, but often even out with the amounts of shipping added. Shops with the highest prices usually have “free” shipping.

There appears to be two editions of this kit; one with a turned barrel, and one without. Presumably the one with is the more expensive of the two.

@Biggles50 - Leo,

What I can say about their shipping is that pre-pandemic when Air Canada was flying to Hong Kong three 1/72 model kits totalling just under CDN$50 had a shipping cost of CDN$19.07. The three kits here if you could find them would cost over $75 plus HST. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and lack of flights to Hong Kong they now must use a courier that routes the packages through The Netherlands. :frowning_face: Weight also has something to due with the package cost and combined (courier and weight) my last order was two larger kits weighing almost twice as much as the previous three but shipping increased by CDN$10. BTW, if you have an account with them when you go to check out they show what the shipping cost will be and you have the option to cancel your order.

–Jan :beers:

Yeah, I know. I was going to order from Hobby Easy a couple of weeks ago until I saw the calculated shipping charge. No thanks! I’ll order from Aurora, or Dawn, or Yanworld, or anyone else! :thinking: