Flyhawk's SMS Emden

Just received this kit today. It’s a pre-dreadnought cruiser - very small with few guns. I thought it would be a relaxing build. I don’t think so! There’s about as much PE as there is plastic. Normally PE doesn’t bother me, but I’m getting old, and had a detached retina last year. But enough about me! The model is PE-heavy, and has the usual Flyhawk superb quality and detail. The PE includes (among a lot) 24 ring footrails for the 3 funnels - 8 for each funnel. What fun! The rigging looks more than a little complicated, but they do give you some very nice PE ratlines. Turned brass barrels are also included, but they are extremely tiny, and the styrene guns are fine the way they are - I’ll only screw it up cutting off the plastic barrels and trying to drill holes for the brass ones. Two color schemes are illustrated - pre-war white/buff complete with the dozens of flag decals (very big decal sheet), and war-time grey. Think I’ll go with the grey. Judging by the alternate 3D printed parts, and different location holes to open in the deck, maybe the sister ship, Dresden, will be forthcoming.
This is certainly NOT a week-end kit, and I probably won’t finish for a couple of months.
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Come on Biggles, with a build up like that, we need a couple of pictures of the kit before starting. :wink:

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Come on Biggles, with a build up like that, we need a couple of pictures of the kit before starting. :wink:

I agree (pant, pant)! :crazy_face:

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Here’s some contents pic. Already started some painting…just couldn’t wait! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The box top pic in pre-war paint:

The 2 color schemes. The model at waterline is only 6 1/2 inches long. Deck and boats are already started. Note the 3D printed alternative funnels, and some REALLY tiny detail pieces. The bridge and wheelhouse is also printed in black resin… :rage:

Most of the rest of the plastic parts

The 2 sprues with all the guns. There are replacement turned barrels, but they also are VERY tiny, and I would risk doing more harm than good in trying to use them!

The PE. I believe there’s more brass than plastic. The gun barrels are in two of the zip-locks on the right…they are really tiny!

The decal sheet with all the signal flags. Could come in handy for other builds.

Instructions for the PE. The circular footrails (all 24 of them) will really be a challenge!
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Question before I start in earnest: Would the bow shield/crest be painted over during WWl?