Fogged Clear Sprue?

Just bought this old kit, would have been proper if the seller had mentioned the clear sprue, but some homeless sapiens have honor deficiencies:) Ordered the Squadron Vac set but is there any way I can save this clear sprue and bring it back to clear? Dream on? UV damage ?

Give this a try. Used on fogged headlights. I tried it on a canopy that had a seam line down the center, after scraping and sanding I used this and it worked well. Worth a try on those parts in my opinion.

Blue Magic polishing cream.

I would try leaving in the sun (may take awhile, like a month) first then those other products.

Whatever chemicals you choose, test them first on part of the sprue before risking damage to the actual model parts! And don’t forget a dunk in good old Pledge/Future may restore the clarity if it’s just surface damage.

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I second the use of Future as it is the cheapest and least (zero) damaging to clear parts. I once took a section of vacu-formed clear plastic packaging for lightbulbs, to use as a sci-fi canopy. It was dirty and grungy from hanging on a hook for weeks, or months, and from handling. I dunked it in Future and it came out crystal-clear!
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use some crest toothpaste or headlight polish. Then comeback with some future.

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