Font for german armor decals

I am trying to make some decals for the interior of the Takom King Tiger. If I am correct the font should be Welt-Antiqua. I cannot find this particular font on any of the typical (google search) font sites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. What do you use??

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The font designated ‘Welt-Antiqua’ was designed by Hans Wagner for the Ludwig & Mayer foundry.
Is this what you were looking for?

Welt-Antiqua Font

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That is it, Is there a location to add to my fonts

Type houses traditionally will copy the fonts created by others but then will alter enough type elements to be able to call it their own. Then they will give the typeface a brand new name, making the tracing of an original font back to it origins an unusually difficult process.

I have no idea if anyone makes an app that would let you scan these letters and turn them into a computer derived font set.

The best thing I can suggest is to use a free photo editing software like GIMP to copy and paste the individual letters seen above into the specific titles and labels you desire and then make decals from there.

As I just did below.

GermanTqnk InteriorTypeface

I am a few years behind the curve on current computer type font technology ~ can anyone else offer better info?

Two type face creation programs that I found are FontArk and FontForge. However both assume that you want to create your own, brand new typeface so I do not know if importation of an existing old type font is even possible.

Both Ark and Forge are free.

Forge is available as either a Mac or PC compatable download.
Ark is html based and therefore requires no software download, you just register and then launch it off their online server and go to work.

I searched:

Welt-Antiqua’ designed by Hans Wagner

and found several listings though I doubt any of them will be helpful.

Are you going to reduce the font to 1/35 for placards, instructions, etc? It will be pretty small, and sometimes illegible. IMHO I would just use an existing free font that closely resembles that which you want. You would have to be really knowlgeable and use a magnifying glass to spot any inaccuracies.
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Just thought of this; wouldn’t you have to have a Germanic font which contains unique German characters such as double-s, umlauts,etc?

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You won’t be able to find a specific free font download for Welt-Antiqua because someone still holds a trademark on the name. However there are other fonts created or inspired by it as indicated on some of the font info pages. Memphis for example: Memphis Font Free Download

Thanks to all for the help on this you guys are awesome. The kit is missing quite a few stencils and I am trying to fill in the missing stencils with home made stuff. It is a 1/35 scale kit and probably over doing it. As for similar fonts, they all start to look the same after searching for a little bit, then I start to pick out differences such as the bottom of a G being closed versus open the top of a capitol B being wrong. You get where I am going.

Thanks again


For a type house to declare someone else’s creation as their own they only need to change a few small things. (6% I think)

  • Raise (or lower) the crossbar on the capital “A”
  • Change the slant angle on the capital M and W.
  • Make the “O” a circle rather than an oval. (Or vice-versa.)
  • Alter the lower hook on the capital “G”.
  • Change the Ampersand.
  • Change the question mark.

  • etc., etc.

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