For all you kettenkrad fanboys,

Sol are to release one in 1/35, 3D printed, Sd.Kfz.2 Kleines Kettenkrad Typ HK101, just seen now for preorder at hobbyeasy. Have at it.mm390-4 mm390-5


Bad timing with Tamiya’s coming out soon?

yeah at least you don’t have to build all the individual track links and pads on this one unlike the tamiya version.

And the price difference?

well that’s subjective, it boils down to what you can afford to pay for a kit these.

personally I’m not a fan of these ever increasing parts numbers in modern kits when the new slide Moulding allows for far better detailed parts.

I know some people like this over engineered system but I personally prefer painting and adding accessories than the actual assembly of the kit. so in my mind the 3D printed version is more suitable depending on the quality of the print itself.

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Mmm, Tamiya v Sol, each is pitched at a different market; and, is the Tamiya a new kit or a reboxing of an existing kit? Not trying to start rumours here, just want to clarify. I like the crisp parts and break down of the Sol kit, but am open to persuasive arguments for either.

Tamiya kit is 100% new.


Well then, I expect it will win out on price and quality. Happy days