For anyone having issues finding your settings/preferences area

Here are some helpful graphics.

To change your avatar you’ll find that here and if you need to request a new authentication email that is down near the bottom.


How do I get my grumpyoldman name back?

Hi Dave,
That may be tricky if you did use your Facebook login to create the account. Not sure on that. I will go into your profile and see if I can update it.


Nope I could do it. I think it will let people change theirs too. From that same users preferences area. I think. Maybe. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. :smile: :+1: Now I feel like I’m home!


Hey! That is my page :slight_smile: Was I that difficult? I only did not receive mails!!!

I think I manually activated your email account so that is all good. If you continue to find you aren’t getting emails let me know. You should be getting some kind of summary email I think but not sure how often it’s going out. And yeah since I was in your account activating your email I did use you as the test case for requesting new emails. :wink:

I indeed also got a password reset mail (after the activation mail), but since I did not request it, I ignored the mail…

Yeah I think I sent that one. :smiley:

I am not surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

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