For Those Who Wanted Figures Without Clothes

Printle T Homme 055 - 1/30 - wob (RPG47EZ2M) by Benhaim (

I remember this question on the old forum years ago. I found a vendor on Shapeways who does a good enough job on unclothed figures. Most of his figures are modern day, but if you want figures without clot5hes or partly clothes, he does the job. Presumably you can get naked any figures.

If you can still find 'em, Preiser made some sets of multipose noodies, male and female, in 1/24, and 1/35 scales.

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“Preiser made some sets of multipose noodies, male and female, in 1/24, and 1/35 scales.”

And 1/22.5, as I recall. The problem with Preiser is that in order to provide almost any position the human body is capable of assuming there are only a couple of relaxed poses in each box. So unless you want a bunch of nekkid writhing ladies held aloft by equally writhing tentacles in the best Japanese Hentai style, you might end up with quite a few unused bits.
If (like me) you tend towards the “Standing around, not doing much” poses Historex do a couple of “Academy” figures but they are rather large (about 1/30th), plus a mounted Lady Godiva (available by herself as a spare part if you don’t need the horse…) and Pauline Borghese (Napoleon’s nympho kid sister) reclining on a couch.

But if you just need an armature on which you want to add your own clothing requirements any figure with minimal clothing can be adapted; Master Box produce several useable items, in particular their “Pin Up” figures in 1/35th and 1/24th scales.



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