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Roden have announced they are to release a new tool 1/35th Ford V8 Sedan and a Greyhound Coach.

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I’ll pick these kits up.

The coach is very tempting.
Andy :slight_smile:

Given the scale, the Ford fits the WW2 officer’s staff car niche, and I believe it’s German-made: it looks like a '38 Ford, but the American-made car would have a split windshield and headlights in the fenders. The number plate is a big hint, too. A welcome addition to go with all those German staff cars by ICM, Miniart, Masterbox, Bronco, and even Tamiya. (Some 1/35 American staff cars would be nice!)

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Hi all,

I will be getting these too.

Not sure about what to do with the car, but I am toying with a 'Grateful Dead ’ tour/ fan bus.

Regards Jason