Forest Green Question

Is the Forest Green used on current US vehicles FS 34079?
The Green included in AK Realcolors set is Green FS 34102. Anybody have an idea what this is used for?
The CARC Tan is 686A. Is this correct?
Sand is FS 30227. Is this in the ballpark?
Thanks for all information. I just rode 'em, I didn’t paint 'em.
I’m currently building an M1142 TFFT in green with an M1A2 in sand on deck. I want to get it right.

CARC/NATO Green is FS 34094. I don’t know where they got 34102 from. Although that does work for CARC green when it’s faded.
CARC Sand is FS 33446. Sand 33531 is good for the aged look and “scale effect”.