Fort Duquesne Miniatures 101st SpaceBorne 2010 150mm Kit "Space Force" Completed

Here is my latest 150mm resin Sci-Fi figure build of 2020…Fort Duquesne Miniatures 101st SpaceBorne 2010 150mm Kit “Space Force.” It’s a large and very rare kit, but I think you can still find one online if you search hard enough. I highly recommend this figure—even over 15 years, it’s still a classic look…one of a kind…and quite large.

I airbrushed the camouflage using Mission Models’s green, gray, and brown acrylic paints and an Iwata HP-C. Decals are 1/144 Bandai Gundam aftermarket. Weathering was done with MIG pigments. The Space Force coin was bought from ETSY before the official “Space Force” arrowhead seal was designed.

The figure comes with the resin base.

Fit, detail, and casting are generally excellent except the straight leg’s foot plug wouldn’t fit into the base’s hole so I had to sand down the sides a lot to get it to fit into the base. I added a few minor enhancements here and there, but it’s essentially OOTB.