Forum ease of use

i’m sorry, and i understand to potential to be banned and i would not even consider it a punishment in this instance, but this is one screwed up forum.

i belong to the north side of 55 internet forums of various interests, and this one is really a dog’s breakfast when it comes to ease of use and being able to find something of value twice in a row.

i’m out . . . .

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I normally need my twenty year old daughter to help me with all things computer. We have a wireless printer that I finally started using after four years. That said, I don’t have any problems with the site. Even I can dig up old threads from the archived forum with ease. Headspace and timing issues on your end?


This forum rocks on PC or mobile device for ease of use. The forum is definitely not an issue. Sound like you need more time to get acquainted with the features and function. Just hang in there or not.

BTW - It’s the easiest and best designed of the ~25+ or so forums where I’ve been a member. Ive been doing forums since the mid 1990’s.

Maybe your hardware and or software needs updated.


Works fantastic on my phone,easy peasy

Oh well,bye bye

Never undertand why discontents have to announce their departure :thinking:


Easy for me to use on PC, Mac and mobile. easy to find what i need in terms of reference; and if i have questions, i can always ask anyone here, like Gino for assistance…

But hey! This is not an airport. No need to announce your departure. Plenty of folks here that can help…


Can’t say I have any problems using this forum. I do wish the “Archives” were part of the active forums but that is old news.


Never seen anyone banned for having an opinion here especially about the site itself and some have been very critical.
While many think it is easy, what things are searching for? Plenty of folks are willing to help with best practices to find something, either on this site or the old site (they are two different websites).

If you really want to leave, ok no one is forcing you to stay plenty of other sites to be a member of. :man_shrugging:


If even a confirmed Luddite like myself can find my way around then the problem must be elsewhere; apart from that, the folks on this site are amongst the most helpful I’ve ever come across. Criticism, when it does on occasion come, is always constructive. Sometimes there is the odd squabble but often that can be down to English not being the first language, and most here get that. Mostly, simple good manners prevail.

No complaints about Armorama from this call-sign.

'Bye then.


Maybe it’s the ol’ Groucho gambit: “I do not care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.” :disguised_face:


That post definitely contributes a lot. :rofl: :rofl:

Bye then…


Apart from the issues already mentioned above I think this forum is easier to use then its’ previous iteration.

Toodly pip.


I too have problems with the site at times, depending on what I want, but I know that’s a me thing, not bothering to learn! For general use it works fine, for something specific, well I’ll have to learn new tricks (and with any luck remember what I did).

Why worry about being banned if you’re leaving?


What specific problems are you having?
Feel free to list.
Also… are you doing this on a computer, tablet or phone?

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Only complaint I have with the new forum is keeping track of campaigns.
On the old site you could get a page that told you at a glance what campaigns you were signed up for and their duration. Here, I find I lose them.


I bookmark certain things on my computer, not the site itself. Probably not an IT Geek’s way of doing it, but it’s simple and works every time. (for me)

That would be helpful. Some threads have a counter that I can see before looking at the thread

So that’s half the battle, I have to know if I am signed up or not. I am for the sci-fi but not Spitfire. I think the others is an issue with the discord and not a Jim issue.


Create a folder, Current Campaigns, in your bookmark collection.
Create a bookmark for each campaign you join.
Move the bookmark to ‘Completed Campaigns’ or ‘Failed Campaigns’
when you have finished or failed.


I am truly sorry you have that opinion. I looked through a lot of forums before selecting this one. Obviously I disagree with your assessment as I think this software is lightyears ahead of most of the others out there and simply in another galaxy compared to some of the old dinosaur forums that are still around. I will grant you they are a lot simpler to use. Because they are simple. My favorite is still Steel Navy (apologies in advance to Steve Backer). The SteelNavy.Com Message Board

There are at most 8 pages of history for the entire forum. A topic gets to about 4 months old and then it just disappears from view. Nice… :smiley:

Their forum has been essentially the same since 2001 when I started Armorama. And… the site is still around. So people clearly like simple. Just not me.


Thanks, a feature I didn’t know the place had. I’ll look into getting that done.

As Curley Bill Brocious said, “….well, bye”.