Forum posts on Armorama content without... content?

I recently deleted several forum topics leading to Armorama content… but with 404 error message. Apparently there was no content added to Armorama, but the forum post somehow appeared. Anyone knows what’s up with that?


I’ve noticed them too. The current Kozak-2 one is also bad. My guess is that someone is trying to add content, but somehow messing it up in the process.

Moved this to the General Discussion - Site Talk forum too.

I posted about this in the staff forum.

Yes, your post was two days ago… the forum posts with links to content that isn’t there appeared today as well.

Is the system doing the posts itself for content that is missing? I think we had something similar happening before?


It happened to me once, when scheduled a news to be online at a later time. It did not went online but generated one of those empty messages with a 404 link

I checked last night and only saw one post that was from the earlier version of Armorama that got purged. If one of these rogue forum posts shows up please give me the link and I will take a closer look.


Another one appeared here:

And curiously there is an unapproved post created at the same time:

I have left it pending in case you want to check something