Foto report from SVM 2022, Slovenia

A quick video about how we do things in Slovenia… Enjoy…


Looks like a great show. Congratulations on the award.

Who’s is this build. I have seen it before, maybe on this site.

Liked this tractor. :+1:


Well thanks…seeing those makes me want to put up all my stuff. Those were amazing models!

Sorry, what do you mean “to put up”…? :grin:

Put it away, never to return to modeling again! Those models just made my work look…blah. :face_vomiting:

Don’t worry, I will still build. I’m slow enough at completing a project I will have forgot about those amazing models by…

What are we talking about again? :wink:

I was thinking the same at the beginning… Just keep building and painting… I have a lot of tips on the channel. Consider subscribing, if you like… :grin::ok_hand: