FourStarsMiniatures - Construction and painting of a KrAZ 255B cement mixer.

I want to show you my latest work. The KrAZ model from FourStarsMiniatures. The construction was great, accurate and beautiful resin model. Now comes the painting.


@Kampits , I think you posted the above thread before the last 5 images had uploaded fully so they are in limbo… May need to go in and edit it again.


Welcome aboard. I think being new your limited on the number of photos you can attach per post. I would do more posts with 2 images each. It helps you get more features and a work around to the issue til then.

The truck cad images look great but can we see some real photos of resin?

You have nice product ideas but for more me the cost with no real images is too high to gamble on.

Sorry guys, I messed it up … I just fixed it.


Do you have any photos of the parts before they were assembled and painted?

Looks great! :+1:

Very nice. Is this a full kit, or a conversion for either the Roden or Hobby Boss 1/35 KrAz-255Bs?

Yes, I’ll post about them tomorrow.

Complete set. full resin.

Hi! I’ll show you the promised pictures … :slight_smile:
Good looking and shopping Guys! :slight_smile:

More info: FourStarsMiniatures


Can you sell the mixer body without the truck? That will reduce the price and make the project more amenable to many more 1/32nd and 1/35th scale trucks! I can see it sitting on the Merit Diamond-T, for example, or the Monogram Mack R

Hello Evan!
Wait until the weekend and there will be a surprise! :slight_smile:
Hello, Balázs

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Gentlemen! I promised a surprise …
Good shopping and shopping!



Hello, Now that’s a nice surprise, you can buy both bodies extra!

Weathering in progress… :slight_smile:


After a long break, I continued to build and paint … the caravan of FourStarsMiniatures will be ready soon!

You can find the basic sets here: