France And The WC Dodge

Long ago we mentioned how Hotchkiss would make its own version of the Willys MB Jeep for several decades. I also know that Dodge WC vehicles were used in Algeria. So how long did France use the WC vehicles before replacement?

To my knowledge the last infantry unit equipped with phased out the WC in 1985.
A number of command cars are still used for parades.


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I think this must have been one of the last Hotchkiss Jeeps still in service - I believe this was Operation Daguet (aka Desert Storm) in 1990-91.


According to Wikipedia, the last ones were written off in 2000…


I had a 1960’s era vehicle in mind. I have no idea about coloring or markings of that period though.

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Maybe, maybe not. Hotchkiss made brand new M201 Jeeps up until the early 1980s.

In fact the production of the M201 ended in 1966. The French Army, using spare parts made by Hotchkiss, launched in parallel (1950-1978) a Jeep rebuilding activity at the ERGM (Etablissement de réserve générale du Matériel) in La Maltournée from which “patchwork” jeeps came out. assembled with Willys, Ford and Hotchkiss parts.