Free downloadable Sci-Fi decals


Painting aztec panels can be a huge pain when it comes to finishing sci-fi models. Especially if we want to replicate what we’re seeing on screen. Well, worry no more as I found these on the Starship Modeler page. They’re downloadable A4 sized decal sheets for all of the AMT Enterprise’s and other ships. Theres also a set of decals and masking templates for the PL 1/350 refit. Not much for Star Wars except for a set for the Revell Venator-class.

Hope they’ll be of use.


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great find, thanks for posting!

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Happy to help.

Hopefully they’ll work as well as they look. I’ve got a couple of Star Trek projects in mind for next year I’m going to print some of these sheets out for. I’ll keep everyone posted as to how well they work.

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