French 155mm (GPF) mle.1917 use by Free French forces

Did the Free French forces ever use the 4-wheeled 155mm GPF. I know the Germans used some for coastal artillery, but can’t find much information overall

Clearly you already know what this gun looks like.
Might the rest of us see a photo or drawing so we can learn more about this interesting subject?

I guess so, at least according to this document (see page 24) :

The R. A. C. L. (Régiment d’Artillerie Coloniale du Levant) had 2 batteries of 155 GPF.

Here’s one used in Tunisia in May 1943


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Edit : Not a 155 mm GPF-T

Edit: One web-site inccorectly lists the weapon above as a GPFT, which it is NOT, as pointed out by Kurt L below.

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Was this a Schneider built weapon as was the French 75mm?

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I never met a resin kit I didn’t like.
Okay, you got me there - I almost forgot about AEF Designs. But other than them I used to love to get every resin gun a could find.
I need to shake the dust off of this one and finish it. I’ll bet I’ve had it at least 17or 18 years, if not more, in this very condition:


Did this gun have two different breeches? One of the above pics has a horizontal sliding breech (GPF-T) making it look like a German gun, while the others have a screw breech. Incidentally, the screw breech variety looks very much like the US 155mm “Long Tom”.
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The interrupted thread screw type breech is still used on the current US 155 systems.

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This looks like the 12.8cm gun from a Jagdtiger.


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My mistake.
Good catch.
Original post edited.

One website lists it as a GPFT, some others says that it is a German gun.

The carriage is from a French GPF but the gun is German.