French 5e Cuirassiers headgear (Indo-China)

Random uniform/garrison cap query.

Does anyone know the relevant colours of the sidecap/garrison cap worn by 5e Cuirassiers during the 1950s? I want to place a figure beside a French AFV in Indo-China. Crews wore a wide range of headgear but even in the field, that seems to have included the garrison cap and it would add a dash of colour to the completed project. I can take a guess, but a degree of certainty would be preferred!

One source suggests dark blue with a red top but isn’t clear about what that means (just the top surface of the cap or perhaps the top half of the cap for example?). More modern versions seem to be dark blue with red piping around the top edge of the cap but I don’t know whether this has changed over time or whether the current design would still be the same as the older style.

Contemporary 1950s B&W photos appear to show an overall dark cap, but seeing the top of the cap is almost impossible in any of those images.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.



Ref and pic inbound shortly (just as soon as my wife has downloaded the pics I just took); essentially dark blue, with the red top part of the fold, within the crown as it were (I’m sure there’s more technical terms for that but hopefully, the small pic I have will clarify.

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Here we go:



Gentlemen - thank you for such a rapid and informative response!

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