French 75

Very nice job! These IBG guns are really nice and pretty accurate. Here’s mine


Except that’s an Americn M1897 that was “high speeded” (probably an M1897A4 carriage) and given to the British, who passed it on to the Poles - and not the subject of this kit.


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To elaborate on what Eric said about the breech mechanism . . . This gun used a Nordenfelt eccentric screw breech. A simplified analogy would be a revolver pistol with only one chamber in the cylinder. With the cylinder chamber aligned with the barrel a shell is loaded through the chamber and into the barrel. To fire, the cylinder is rotated 180 degrees to close off the barrel. After firing the cylinder is rotated back to line up the chamber again.

It looks like the kit has the modeler put the breech in the “open” position with the loading cutout (aligned with the barrel) on top.



Great explanation on the operation of the breech. Now I understand clearly.

Here are the instructions and what they show. It would have been nice for IBG to annotate firing and open positions.

Instruction Sheet

@JFeder504, Eric, thank you for the reference material. Had this not been a spur of the moment decision to build, the additional reference information would have been most useful. If I get the US variant kit, it will come in handy! :wink:


Here’s what a closed breech looked like:

It wasn’t a full 180 degree turn.



Thanks for all the reference assistance guys! I’ll have to get another one and make a closed breech on that one.

It took a few days longer than intended, but it still is my first completed build of 2024. A very nice little kit, and a subject that made me want to learn about it. IBG’s Model 1897 75mm Field Gun, Modified 1938.

and for a sense of the size of this gun

Thanks for looking… comments & critiques are welcome.


A simple piece, but beautiful, Carlos! The dusting on the wheels looks excellent.


Thank you sir! If you like towed artillery pieces, get one for yourself! It’s a very nice kit.

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Hello; just offering some photo reference that might be of interest. Schneider designed and built “French 75” photographed at the Kentucky Military History Museum in Frankfort Kentucky. Weapon on loan from the Smithsonian Institution. (My Photos)

Note '03 M1 Springfield with Pedersen Automatic Bolt and angled magazine in display cabinet on wall.


Additional reference on a similar gun and limbers as seen at the 2018 MVPA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. (My Photos)

And Limbers:


Great photos! Kinda makes me kick myself in the butt for doing this build spur of the moment instead of researching the subject first… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Your results look amazing Carlos even without tons of research.

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Thank you Matt. Not bad for a “quickie” :smirk: