French Airborne Anti -Tank Scooter

Not an AFV obviously but I wasn’t quite sure where to put this; I’ve only just found this over on the Tracklink site. From FC Modeltrend. I’ve just got to get me one of these:

I’d always wanted to scratch one of these, possibly using the Diopark scooters as a starter, but now it’s more or less all done for me.

Brilliant! Well, to me anyway. There’s some other goodies too which are also not uninteresting but I’ll leave that to those who do report on such.


I think I will have to get one of these. That is just such a cool vehicle.

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They’re Italian if memory serves me well.


The Vespa ( “Wasp”) was a model built by the Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio .
Imagine attacking a tank with one of those…
big brass ones obviously a requirement.


I mean, trust the French to do things totally differently but still be innovative to such a degree; well done them! As an expedient measure to provide anti-tank support to airborne forces (who are often vulnerable due to the lack of heavy weapons) this surely verges on the excellent. The fact that it’s lightweight is commendable, and provides mobility for an, at that time, effective anti-tank weapon.

I personally would hope to see a rider figure. We’ll see.

On a separate note, and purely because I’ve one in my stash, it would look great alongside the ENTAC-equipped Jeep courtesy of Sharkit:

Although whether or not they operated alongside one another would require a bit more research, at least for me.

Well done FC Modeltrend I feel.

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My initial thought was: that looks silly. Then I did some reading and discovered this an American anti-tank weapon (that did not work against tanks) mounted on an Italian scooter (invented by an aircraft manufacturer restricted from making aircraft and very successful) and used by the French (who still had colonial commitments in some rather inhospitable places). It all makes perfect sense.

Did anyone ever mount the M20 (or a modern equivalent) on a motorized skateboard? If not, someone should do that. I can also envision a new class of Green anti-tank weapons consisting of a recoilless rifle mounted on an electric mini-car for children. These weapons would shoot lettuce or cantaloupes or something similar. While such a weapon system could not destroy an actual tank, it could easily knock out another electric mini-car. If mini-car manufacturers increase the price of their vehicles to two or three million dollars US a copy, this could happen today. Of course, climate activists will complain that although these weapons are carbon neutral, they promote food wastage and thus contribute to world hunger. This problem is easily solved by using rotten fruit in all such weapons, which promotes recycling of waste food.

I know.

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Doug - I’m beginning to worry about you…(!)

Good to see FC doing it, but it’s not the first. Azimut did a resin kit of this many years ago.

Needs some product development on the breach and loading procedure but otherwise it is ready to go.
Excellent anti-riot weapon …

By creating a vacuum in the barrel it is possible to increase the velocity if needed

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Many restored (and unrestored…) Vespa TAPs on Facebook


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Yup - definitely needs a rider figure in my opinion. Probably even I can convert one. Baggy uniform, unique style French helmet, MAT 49 SMG, lizard pattern camouflage - job done(!)