French Dodge Command car markings foreign legion in northern Africa

Hello all,

I’m planning to build a Dodge Command Car in use with the French Foreign Legion in North Africa.
E.g. 1st or 3st Legion Saharan Motorized Company 1946-54
Unfortunately, apart from the license plates, I have not yet been able to find out which markings the vehicles had during my research.
I couldn’t see the logic behind the license plates either.
However, all recognizable license plates of the Dodge start with 4. All other numbers appear arbitrary.
Is there a scheme like e.g. in the 60s?
Another question concerns the command cars used.
I did not find any evidence that vehicles with a winch were in use.

Can someone help me out?

Happy modelling

Would this help Harald ?


Hello Henri,
Thanks for the pics. That helps and generates new questions ::
Now I have seen that the ace of spade was used in different colors. At least ace of diamonds was also used.

Is the mark on the grille of the Dodge in the first photo and the symbol on the bumper of the Dodge in the second photo the unit crest?

Happy modelling

I guess so. Here’s the 2e CSPL insignia :

and the 3e CSPL one :


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