French Non-military Hotchkiss Jeep

Long ago I mentioned Tintin stories which features jeep vehicles in non-military uses (such as crossing a desert), and when I looked up on Wikipedia the Hotchkiss French jeep based on the American one, the article said that few were sold outside the military. But I assume at least some must have been used by city and regional governments for situations such as rescue or forestry. Any known examples?

Few of the M201 (French MB) were used outside the military but later versions (CJ-3B) they were reasonably popular in the French colonies in North Africa. Surplus M201 were used a lot by rural fire brigades. Try Googling Hotchkiss M201. Sometimes used as chase vehicles for the Tour de France cycle race.

Hotchkiss produced civilian Jeeps, inspired by the CJ3

There is a web-page in French which I tried translating with Google Translate.
The result is acceptable but no perfect:

Very brief summary: Hotchkiss produced civilian vehicles inspired by the CJ3, these were the “JH & HWL based on the mechanics of the M201. These models used the body of the CJ3B, recognizable by its high bonnet”.
CV (CheVaux) abbreviation for ‘horses’ so CV means hp. Edit: See correction by French below
Tumbled, literal translation of culbuté, something upside down, in this context it means OHV (valves moved to the top of the engine as opposed to flatheads)
The text says semi-culbuté (semi-tumbled), theis engine has the inlet valves on top and the exhaust valves still down on the side.
The engine is higher so the bonnet/hood needs to be raised, this results in a slightly wonky looking Jeep

The number of slits in the grille has been reduced to 7 (was 9).

The Tintin jeep does not match the civilian Hotchkiss, 7 slits in the grille but two slits are shorter and the bonnet/hood isn’t high enough

My impression of the Tintin jeep is that it mixes features from different jeeps

Wartime Willys or Ford GPW

The CJ2 has a lower hood/bonnet, 7 slits (but all have the same length)

I personally think the CJ3B is a pretty nice looking jeep. Opinions may vary.

Just a side note : CV = Cheval Vapeur is the French equivalent of Horse Power (HP) in English


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Thanks Frenchy!

When a CJ3 is used to represent a wartime GPW, Willys 1/4-ton, Jeep or other name in a film or other reenactment it looks slightly wrong (or wonky).

This looks more menacing

than this

Still a matter of taste when it comes to good looks :slight_smile:

The first civilian Jeep released by Hotchkiss was the JH101 (= Jeep Hotchkiss 101) built between 1955 and 1960 . It was a licence-built Jeep Willys Universal CJ3B :

followed by the JH102 (1960-1969) :

and the Long Wheelbase JH102, a.k.a HWL ( Hotchkiss Willys Longue ) 1963-1966 :

Restored JH101

Another one

More pics :

5,554 JH 101, JH 102 and HWL Jeeps were built between 1955 and 1969


The CJ3B was used by the US military in the 1950s and early '60s as the M606.

I can’t help if it is being used incorrectly by some movie idiot. Also, I have never seen a Jeep as menacing.

On the 1/35th scale modelling side look at the Japanese Type 73 by Finemodels.

You’re right. Very similar if not identical. Did the Japanese get the rights from Hotchkiss?

From Willys…


According to the book I’m looking at Mitsubishi produced under a Willys/Kaiser Jeep licence. Jeeps were also licence produced in India.

The Hotchiss/Willys entry Willy license 1953-69. France built:

Hotchkiss M201 VLTT resembled WW2 Willys MB with minor changes (electrics, carb, wheels etc. Also reinforced suspension and desert equipment.
The Hotchkiss M201 was Willys CJ3B but with SV engine or diesel JH-101 1955-1960, JH-102 from 1961 and HWL LWB version