French Soldier In Germany, Late 1950's

I mentioned the idea of a local German talking to a French soldier in late 1950’s Germany. I heard that such was not out of the question, but I am thinking of someone talking to a French soldier in a street rather than on mi8litary property. If that happened, where would a French soldier go and how would he dress?

Wow…a precise question without lots of variables!..can be anywere,if its 1 am after a long night at one of the many braüerei in Berlin :beers:can be totaly plastered :crazy_face: in his undy’s with a Tie around his head talking with a Prostitute… :heart_eyes:

i tink in the 50’s the uniform was similar to US Army one

Well you could have a soldier out on maneuvers in field uniform talking to a resident of village where training is going on. Or he could be on a pass in service uniform going to a pub in town or heading to the local train station to head elsewhere.

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