French Turretless Tanks

Reading my two Zaloga books on French tanks of WW2, it mentions how they came from their respective factories missing turrets, being unfinished until the last minute. Also there is mention of how German captured ones would mostly be used as driver training tanks without turrets.

Unlike Tamiya kits, the Hobby Boss R35 and R39 not only include interiors but also have gear teeth in the turret holes, so you can depict them without turrets. So did the Germans just leave them open or what?

German used then with turret against partisans in Balkan.
The other turretless were used for instruction or Becker’s Commando.
Other turrets were used in Atlantik Wall.

Actually it would be neat to show an example of an instruction tank. Probably a topic nobody has thought to depict yet, but I wouldn’t know if said tanks were left “open” or if they had the openings covered.

I’m also thinking of how incomplete turretless tanks were delivered to French Army units, and if the tank troops were expecting that.