French TV series screened on Brit TV

Chaps, this may well be in the wrong part of ship, but as I suppose a TV screening is a sort of event, I’ve put it here.

To business. Tucked away on the Brit TV Channel BBC 4 is an excellent 6 part series called - in BBC English - “Dark Hearts” (Cœurs noirs); it’s all about a team of French SF in Iraq in 2016, combatting ISIS, leading up to the Battle of Mosul. The more astute and knowledgeable may well identify flaws (female snipers? I have no idea but it doesn’t detract at all in my view). HUMINT, IMINT and C² (including perhaps strategic meddling?) all covered.

The acting is first class, the military side of house well researched and practiced (or at least to me; I know zilch about French SF and not much more re Brit SF) it hammers along with a good storyline and none of the all, depressing, pervasive “social messages” that one encounters on Brit TV, or rather, that’s my acerbic take on my national broadcasters. “Woke” doesn’t begin to describe the utter dross we’re subjected to.

Targets will fall when hit - which is always good viewing perhaps - and the characters well drawn, in my not so humble opinion of course. How to find? If you’re not a Brit in the UK I have no idea but tucked away within the BBC iPlayer system is “Dark Hearts”.

Subtitled of course, but it’ll likely improve your French and your Arabic in one fell swoop.

Honestly, give it a go if you can - you’ll not be disappointed.

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I’d be interested in seeing that , thanks for the heads up Brian.

Here is a pic from that show I believe. For discussion purposes only.

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Maybe this is from one of the Chechnya wars? I could be wrong about it being Afghanistan.

There’s a one minute-odd trailer within this link (though I may have cocked it up):

Cœurs Noirs, the new French action series from Prime Video: the trailer -

Hopefully it should whet your appetite!

Well, at least they’re not surrendering to anyone this time around!

Holy cow I posted my last response in the wrong subject -sorry!

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I wasn’t going to say anything(!)

I don’t have a problem with anyone calling me out for being a knucklehead when I do stupid things Brian lol!

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