Friul ATL 01, buy or trade for same in Spade Ace

Looking to see if anyone has any just laying around, I kind of “need” two full sets. I have a mostly assembled set of SpadeAce tracks, even treated with muriatic acid giving a dull steel color, that I’d trade for a set of ATL-01 Friuls. The SpadeAce tracks don’t fit the sprockets in the Meng Achzarit kit, pitch is slightly different. They’re also too short of a pitch to fit Trump sprockets, unless I kind of shove then down on the teeth.
Yes, I may be too picky.
I also have a Tamiya T-55 that one day or another I’ll want some Friuls for, so in a perfect world that’s two sets. Even partial sets or left-over links would help, as I have roughly 30 in a “spares” box myself.
PM or, fastest, email to offroadwine “at” yahoo “dot” com

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