Friulmodellismo - Direct Order Excellent Quality for T-34-85 track links!

No idea…those T-34-85, €21 euro tracks aka $25 US, ended up costing me $48 by the time VAT tax, regular tax, rich tax then poor tax, modeler tax, etc tax were all applied plus transaction fee & shipping.

Based on the number of spare links, it appears three sets of T-34-85 tracks will produce enough spare links to build one extr track.

That includes subtracting out 5 links for the front of the hull for each set and a 3 to 5 link defect rate roughly per set.

Buy six sets and combine the spares for a free 7th set :slight_smile:

Top run is from left links from two sets. Bottom run is length needed for typical T-34-85

Eventually one of these years, I’m going to cobble together a free set of Fruils from spares :slight_smile:

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