FS/FT 1/35 Armor

Looking to sell or trade a couple of kits - all 1/35 and open/complete. Shipping extra from 13601

Tamiya SU-76m - $35 (TRADED)
Tamiya Marder IIIM - $40
Academy Sheridan - $30
Academy M4A2 Sherman (Russian) - $35
Academy M1A2 Tusk II - $45 (TRADED)

Trade wants:

Tamiya T-72M
Tamiya M1A2 Tusk
Trumpeter Fennek
Takom DDR Medium Tank T-55 AM2B

Tamiya T72 for the Academy TUSK Ted ?

Yes, I am interested - one other asked about the Tusk as well… can I get back to you in a bit?

OK - will do on the trade - I assume the kit is complete; my info is below. Please send yours as well and I can get kit out tomorrow of Wednesday at the latest. I will send a tracking # once I get it.

I will do likewise,

Great mine is packed and ready to go; here is the USPS tracking information. I will drop off at P.O. in the morning. Thanks again!


Outer box open but all parts present & accounted for

It’ll be on it’s way tomorrow.

OK sounds great - thanks. Looking forward to it…


Guys, You should message each other with information like addresses, phone numbers etc. in the interest of your personal information’s security.

oops - sorry - not sure what happened here… thank you for looking out for us.

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