FS/FT: Aircraft, Armor, Decals, & Spacecraft

For sale or trade list.

Shipping & handling NOT included. Located in USA Zip 90717.

Open to offers. Mostly build aircraft, armor, figures, & submarines. Trade wants include new Tamiya 61123 P-38J Lightening and Zoukei Mura 48003 Horten Ho-229.

Thanks for looking.


1/72 Scale

Attack Squadron 72005 Mk. 24 Mine, FIDO torpedo (new) $4.99

DML 5004 Arado Ar-234C-3/C-4 (new) $9.99

SF Models X-20 Dyna Soar (3D printed. Removed from printing gates) $19.99

1/48 Scale decals

AeroMaster 48105 Reich Defense Pt. 4 (new) $4.99

Eagle Strike Eagle Strike No. 176 DeHavilland Mosquito Pt. 2 $4.99

Eagle Strike 48065 Too little, too late… Me-262’s Pt. IV (new) $4.99

Kagero 15037 Last Hope of the Luftwaffe: Me 163, He 162, Me 262 (new) $12.49

Techmod 48052 Ki-61 Hien decals & mask (new) $7.99

1/48 Scale kits

Academy 2162 North American F-86F-30 Sabre w/Legend LF4029 F-86F-30 Cockpit Set (new) $24.99

CMK 4090 Schleuch-Schlepper for Me-163B (new) $19.99

Eduard 8175 Focke Wulf Fw 190A-8/R2 (new) $24.99

Eduard 82111 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-6 Late w/Quinta Studios 48094 3D Colored & Printed Interior & Ultracast 48167 Bf-109 G5-G14 Wheels (new) $39.99

HGW 481001 Fw-190A/F-8 Riveting Set (Tamiya) (new) $17.49

SBS 48026 Ar-234 Landing Gear Bays $7.49

Tamiya 61062 DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk. VI/NF Mk. II w/Eduard Eduard EX029 Express Mask for Tamiya Mosquito FB IV/NF II & FE239 Zoom Pre-painted PE Detail Set, Quickboost 48593 Mosquito Mk IV Seats w/Safety Belts, Ultracast 48035 Mosquito Detailed Crew Access Door, & Yahu 4830 Mosquito Instrument Panel (new except seats & crew access door painted and instrument panel not in original packaging) $39.99

Squadron 48461 F6F 3/5 Cockpit Detail Set (Hasegawa) (new) $4.99

1/35 Scale

AFV 35169 Churchill Mk. IV AVRE (new) $39.99

DML 3567 IDF Magach 3 (new) $44.99

DML 6472 Befehsjager 38 Ausf M (new) $24.99

Lion Marc LM10027 2cm KwK Barrel (new) $9.99

Renew listing.

im interested in the dynasoar if i caould see some pics

Academy F-86, DML Ar-234C, and Tamiya Mosquito package sold.

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