FS/FT: Armor, Figures, & Aftermarket

The following items are offered for sale or trade. Asking prices are listed, but I’m open to offers.

Shipping NOT included. Each pays own shipping cost on trades.

Thanks for looking!

DML 6011 E-100 Heavy Tank Nachjager $49.99

Voyager VBS0139 20mm KwK 38 L55 Gun Barrel w/Ammo Magazine $8.00

DML 6153 German Infantry (Ukraine, Summer 1943) $9.99

Master Box 3561 Rommel & DAK Tank Crew $11.99

Pegaso PT-023 resin SS Grenadier w/Panzerfaust 1944 - 45 $19.99

Tristar 35022 Panzer 38(t) Track Sprues (3)

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