FS/FT Armor, Helos, Resin, etc

Items are for sale or trade. Prices are very negotiable. Make me a reasonable offer and I’ll probably take it. If you buy it, you pay postage. If we trade, we each pay our own postage. Will ship worldwide.

I am motivated to move these items. Make me a reasonable offer and I will probably take it.

Sale/Trade List. All are 1/35 unless otherwise noted.

RQ-7B UAV $25
M113A1 “Vietnam War” (1389) with proper A1 front wall and fuel tank. $20

First Gear:
1/34 Die-cast Ford F250 Case Parts Truck $10

US Army Modern Soldier (LRM-35002) $12

Helicopter Kits and Accessories.

Black Ops Models:
1/35 AH-6M Rotor conversion (6 blade set) for H-6A/J $5

Cobra Company:
1/35 XM-23 Doorgun set for UH-1 (CC35017) $15

AH-6J Little Bird with Black Ops Models center wall and tailboom updates. $45

Hawkeye Models:
1/35 ARDU (Australian) S-70B-9, UH-1D/H & Kiowa decals $15

Isra Cast:
1/35 Israeli Air Force UH-60A/L Conversion (35001) + Sky Decals IAF Helos (18) $45

1/32 UH-1D Crandall MOH Markings (rear seats added) $15

1/35 Mil MI-4 Hound (05101) $60

Video Aviation all 1/32:
USAF Wheel Chocks (12043) $5
US Navy MHU-191/M (130932) $8
US Navy Deck Crew (Modern) (120322) $8

Werner’s Wings :
1/35 UH-60 Platapus Nose (35-11) $15

My want list for trades (will consider others as well):

AFV Club
M109A3 Shop Van (35304)
U.S Army Workbench & Tool Set (35302)

Bravo 6 Vietnam figures

Hobby Fan:
M983 HEMTT Crew (HF 736)

USMC M1A1 AIM (TS-032)

Rye Field Models:
M551A1 Sheridan (RM-5020)
M1A2 SEP v2 (RM-5029)

CH-47D Chinook Helicopter (05105)
M1120 LHS w/CHU (01064)
M4 C2V (01063)

Valkyrie Miniatures Figures:
Modern US Army Tank Crew (1970s Europe) (35017)
Modern US Army Tank Crew (1980s ERA) (35027)
Modern US Army Truck Driver & Crew M977 (35015)
Modern US Army Driver Support Crew MRAP (35007)

Thanks for looking.

How much for the sheridan?

I don’t have a Sheridan for sale, it is on my wants list for trades.

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Oh, my bad, I’ve never used the website before, I’ll try to get better and not make mistakes, sorry


Make me some offers. I would like to move these.

@HeavyArty I’ve been eyeing the little bird, and I have the AFV Club shop van you’re looking for but I just haven’t decided if I feel that’s a fair trade yet.

Anything else off my list you interested in adding to it?

Nothing has jumped out at me Gino, and I’ve read through the list several times trying.

Sorry, I know that doesn’t help at all…

Is there anything else you are looking for that I may have in the stash, but not on my list?


I dig mostly Allied 1/35 soft skins, light tanks, armored cars, military motorcycles, resin figures… the occasional German piece from the same list isn’t unheard of though.

Anything from WWI - Present day really

I’ll see what I can fined later and let you know.

I really don’t have anything else to offer, sorry.

No worries


Make me some offers.