FS: Kits and some PE

I have quite a few kits and some PE accessories I’d like to unload. Some have been started, some have not, most have opened boxes.

Shipping is from New York, 11762. Shipping is additional.
PayPal only unless you are local and want to pay cash.

There’s more kits to come so stay tuned.

-TOM Polish Tankette TKS: STARTED and is nearly complete. The main tank hull has been assembled and painted. What’s left is track assembly and to finish painting. I think there might be some damage but I forgot. The tank is in its own separate box because it doesn’t fit in the kit box. - $5 HOLD WHILE I GET PICTURES

-Panda M-ATV with CROWS: STARTED down to the chassis and CROWS with a little bit of the interior. Includes: Live Resin .50 caliber feed chutes and DEF Models M-ATV sagged wheels. - SOLD

-Academy M2A2 Bradley OIF: STARTED. Hull and turret assembled and primed in gray. - SOLD

-Dragon US Armored Infantry: I believe this has been started but I need to take a look. Box has definitely been opened. - $10 HOLD WHILE I GET PICTURES

-Dragon WWII Allied Infantry Weapons: Box opened, 1 gun off the sprued. Also includes some Tamiya weapons and additional dragon weapons. - $15

-Academy Minicraft Piper Super Cub: Not started, box open. A good little kit. - $10

-ICM C-45F/UC-45F: Box open, not started. Another great kit and I’m kind of sad to let it go but I don’t really work on aircraft and especially not all-metal aircraft. - $20

-Eduard P-51 Placards: Unopened. - $10

-Revell SA 330 “Puma”: Box opened, bags sealed. - $10

-Hobbyboss USS Gato SS-212 1944: Box opened, bags sealed. - $10

-Dragon USS Freedom LCS-1: Box opened, bags sealed except for the superstructure. - $30

Sent PM. :grin:

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