FT-17 1/35 French decals

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for French decals for the FT-17 in 1/35 scale.

I recently got a Meng FT-17 (TS-011) and inside are only markings for the US Army and Chinese Army, there is no Frenchman for WW1. :pensive:

This way I’m looking for someone who has a FT-17 model from RPM 35065 and inside a bunch of decals. If someone is willing to help I give him my Meng decals for any set of French decals, no matter which one, just that it’s French.


Try Histopic decals!

Val, I might have some from the Meng kit and will try to remember to look this evening.
Don’t let me forget!

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People thank you so much for your help!

I have these-image

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