Fuchs NBC-Reconnaissance Vehicle

This is my Fuchs NBC-Verkenningsvoertuig of the Multi Role Engineer Company, 11 Armoured Engineering Bataljon, Royal Netherlands Army. I used the Revell 1:35 Fuchs ABC, and converted it to a Dutch vehicle using 3D printed parts. I also added 3D printed wheels, and an interior set from MR Models. And as the finishing touch, I decided to include a figure of a Dutch soldier with NBC gear, because I think it looks cool :wink:
I hope you like it!


Very nice. Great finish and the figure is a good addition

Looks great. Good job on the conversion.

It does indeed look cool - we don’t get enough figures in NBC gear in my opinion, and it takes time to convert. Cracking model all round Jasper.

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It looks great and the subject choice is also great! :+1: :+1: :+1:
The Fuchs has been ignored by model companies and it has so many variants and seen so much use from various countries.

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Excellent job all around. Everything looks great

Thanks for the kind words! It is indeed quite difficult to find figures in NBC gear. I made this one with a 3D printed gas mask on a Master Box figure.


Nicely done. The weathering on the tires and undersides of the vehicle are excellent. Love the figure in the protective mask.

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fabulous work there, I’m surprised that gravity doesn’t force that open door to slam shut.

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A cracking little vignette. Really interesting angle to display it at and look into it as well. I particularly like the camo netting, the tied down antennas and the wires on the smoke grenade launchers.
I don’t suppose you took some photos on the interior before you closed it up?

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I’m sure the guys at Rheinmetall thought of that and included a latch :wink:

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Thank you! I didn’t, but I can try to make some if you want. I expected it to be more visible through the open door, but the visibility is only limited unfortunately

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Awesome built ! I like a lot your dusted rendering and the position on the diorama base.
Dutch versions are not common in 1:35 scale.

Doors look better with visible windows. I have also made them like this on my Bundeswehr Fuchs A6A1 NBC.

Congrats for this brilliant model !

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Well if you can manage to get a couple of shots of the interior that’d be great. But I know how difficult it can be to get a decent angle once an interior is closed up so I understand if you can’t get any more angles than you’ve managed already.

Did you make something different on the interior or used it as it is provided ?

Nice subject matter. I have not seen many of these vehicle builds. You’ve done great and like the 3D tires.

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Thank you very much! Dutch vehicles in general are not common in 1:35 scale, while they have some interesting variants in service. Do you have any pictures of your A6A1 Fuchs? That is one of the newer versions isn’t it? I also like the look of those.

I used the interior as it came in the conversion set. I couldn’t find any major differences between the actual interior and the MR Modellbau set, although I must admit only had a few pictures of the real interior to work with.


Oh no ! The A6 is an old version already used 20 years ago. I believe latest versions are A8 and if I am right, A9 versions are in project.

Ok I will make a separate subject to avoid a mix with your built.

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Artistic gravity.:grin:
Very nice presentation.


Fuchs doors can be locked in the open position.