Fujimi 1/24 Gen 3 Prius

Evening all! Time to get around to my next project. This time, I’m building the infamous Prius (or Priuth, as my easily excitable younger self would have shouted on the highway).

As can be seen, the parts of this kit are actually pretty good! Much better than I expected. No mould lines on the body or flash, and the detail actually looks reasonably good. My plan is to modify things and make a sort of semi-rally Prius, with a little bit of a lift, cool wheels, and perhaps lights and decals if I can find the time and resources.

It seems like people love to hate this car, though personally I love it as it is. Perhaps it’s because I’m a loathsome hippy or because I’ve watched all the documentaries about climate change at school, but there’s something about this car that’s just rad. It isn’t fast, it can’t handle, but it can haul everything you want for 5L/100km, and that’s the kind of thing we can use more of right now.

(Sadly nobody makes my beloved Prius V in kit form… Perhaps some 3d printing will change that. 35th scale?)

I used to be a big Tesla fan, but I’ve since decided that these are in fact cooler because of the Hybrid Synergy Drive. It’s cool. Very smart design.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Here’s a photo of the general look I’m going for…


Also, this may well be my first foray into using resin printed parts! I’ve already had my friend print some turbofans for me, and the kit tires stretched on quite nicely.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Thanks for tuning in!



Well, definitely a car I love to hate :grin: The moment I saw this build I was thinking dio, with an auto crushing machine.

Me not loving the Prius, doesn’t mean this can’t be a fun build to follow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I agree.

Still think the tow missile idea is a good upgrade but you can do a rally car too I guess. :smile:

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Interesting take on this car, that’s for sure. There is a 4x4 version so a rally could probably be attempted in one of these!

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Very true, always good to follow and learn from the other builds here, no matter what the subject matter! I’m on board for the journey here Dennis, neat work so far!

Cheers, D

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Known round here as the Toyota Pious…

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Though not the most beautifull car, the Prius (Mk 2) was sthe first succesfull Hybrid car. I’ve driven several of them, including a Prius + (or Wagon) and must say it is a very pleasant car to drive…

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The + (or V, if in North America) is a great car. It’s no bigger than most sedans yet I’ve been able to throw three longbows, three people, two tables from Ikea, and three mountain bikes in it. Plus it drives alot like an electric car, so even if it’s slow it’s definitely smooth.

Also, I’m going to be running some modifications on my turbofans to get them to conform to the Fujimi wheel pegs. Also, I’ll most likely be printing a roof rack!


All at once? :wink:
What is slow? I accellerated faster than most other cars a the traffic lights, and it has a capped speed of 180 km/h. This is much faster than allowed in most countries…

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My Ikea runs have become the stuff of legend at work…

And to the point of speed, for legal reasons I have never exceeded the speed limit. I will, however, note that the Prius has a button that reads “Power Mode” and I use it excessively. Vroom

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It must have been quite a sight then. I did transport a adult cupboard with mine, rear door closed :slight_smile:

I tested it on the German highway :slight_smile: Out of fuel economy reasons, I always drove on eco modus…

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